Prairie Fire – Golden Goat x Deer Creek#1


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  • Golden Goat x Deer Creek#1
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks 56-70 days
  • 25%-50%  Stretch
  • 80/20 Sativa Dominant

Smell/Taste: Sweet and Sour sauce, Lemon Poppy Cake, Fresh cut pine, Lemon Grass, Pine sap, Lemon Pepper, Piney Jolly Ranchers, this shit is one or the other Electrically Lemon or Electrically Pine and (NOT LEMON G) LEMON or (SUPER LEMON HAZE)  LEMON! But actual lemon juice very Sour and sweet! Very few hitting that perfect blend of pine and lemon but holy shit when they do!

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Flower: She likes to finish around 8-10 weeks. Super Sativa structure lots of bud sites and she takes her time to start fading. Feed heavier in mid-flower! Flowers are lime green will bulbous orange hairs reeking of lemon pine funk!  Flowers grow more kush shaped and are very dense from top to bottom not your typical Sativa girls!

Structure: Very Sativa but oddly Bushy supporting their self fairly well but needs trellis or caged if flowering in hydroponics! Very solid structure lots of bud sites and requires good grow skills to finish her to true potential!  Grows best topped and trained in Coco or Hydroponics

Feeding: She’s a medium feeder likes extra cal-mag to keep her happy and likes to …responds very very well in hydroponics and Coco coir

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