Katsu Creek

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Katsu Creek

  • Katsu Bubba x Deer Creek #1
  • Flowering time:8-10 weeks 56-70 days
  • 40%-60% stretch
  • 75/25 Indica Dominant
  • Yeild: Medium to Heavy
  • Smell/Taste: KUSH, Sour Mangos, Peaches and Cream, Coffee Beans

Flower: She likes to finish around 8-10 weeks. Very Indica dominant with thick heavy bud sites. Cured buds are hard as bricks.

SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE KNOCKOUT. if your busy this one will set you in the couch!


Structure: Very Indica, Extremely vigorous. lots of branching. grows best in coco or hydro indoors. if you are an outdoor grower this is the plant for you. it is a MONSTER, but it can bully your other plants.


Feeding: She is a heavy feeder and requires extra calmag and nitrogen. Keep her feet wet, responds very well to foliar feeding.


1 pk, 12 regular seeds


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