Fart Blossom – 88 Road Kill Skunk x Deer Creek#1


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  • Flowering time 8-10 wks
  • 1x-2x Stretch
  • You will encounter Smells like Hot Road Kill,Skunk, Baby Shit, a High school locker room, Armpits and Really Bad Body odor!

Medium yielders with extreme Branching and slow vegger.

Fart Blossom has a Insane resilience to Spider mites, Russet mites and Powdery Mildew these plants will survive droughts and floods,high winds and still go the distance pushing rock hard buds of that Old School Skunk everyone thought was gone…She’s a light feeder and loves her some cal-mag so don’t confuse her for being hungry and over feed her.

3 free seeds per 5 pack seeds bought
6 free seeds per 10 pack seeds bought

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