Defcon D – Chem D x Deer Creek#1


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  • Flowering time: 8-10 weeks 55-70 days
  • 30-50% stretch
  • 70/30 Indica Dominant

Smell: chemical fire, rotten eggs,chlorine,stink bugs and  a bag of white Castle Farts there is a rare fruity cheese pheno that shows her self from time to time!

Flower: She has 3 phenos a Short squatting plant that’s super branchy and slower to veg she packs on the weight and flowers around 50-60 days.

Then you got the perfect mix pheno that hits every box if we are checking them twice she flowers in around 60-65 days and yields crazy rock hard chemy, dumpster fire White Castle Farts nugs.

The third pheno is short and strong like her mom the Chem D she will flower 70+ days and will need support for all the baseball size buds she smells like her mom chemy and sour skunk cleaner,musky farts she is also a light feeder and all 3 phenos love them some cal-mag.

Structure: strong stock and extreme branching and grows slow and strong like the Chem D

3 free seeds per 5 pack seeds bought
6 free seeds per 10 pack seeds bought

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