Coco Loco – Smorz Gelato(Phinest cut) x Deer Creek#1


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  • Smorz Gelato (Phinest cut) x Deer Creek#1
  • Flowering Time: 8-10 weeks  56-70 days
  • 20%-30%  Stretch
  • 80/20 Indica Dominant

Yield: Medium to Heavy

Smell/Taste: Snow Cream, Marshmallow Cream, Chocolate Cake Badder, Chocolate Fuel, Vanilla Gelato, White Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Race Fuel.

Flower: She has a habit of finishing around 8 or 9 weeks but watch for the 7 weeker’s if your growing for turnover time! Very Indica stupid slow to Veg and quick to flower.  Super Indica structure, lots of bud sites and most likely the easiest plant on our menu to grow. She likes to fade to purple and red, she like very intense lighting in flower! Flowers are deep purple sometimes even red with specks of lime green! Flowers grow very dense you will need extra air circulation for her!

Structure: Very Indica, Strong Bushy plants!  Very solid structure lots of bud sites and requires minimum stacking or trellising she supports herself well! Grows best un-topped and in Coco or Hydroponics

Feeding: She’s a medium to heavy feeder requires extra cal-mag to keep her happy and likes to keep her feet wet…responds very very well in hydroponics and Coco coir

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